The Federal Express, Er, Reserve

July 9, 2009 at 11:53 pm (National Debt, Political Correctness)

If you are still fuzzy on just what exactly the Federal Reserve does and who exactly it is, please read this article.  It’s ironic this information, which will never be printed in the major US media, has to be explained to us by our former communist adversary.  Now this Russian newspaper is schooling us on our own Constitution:

It usually comes as a shock to people – especially diehard Americans who place infinite trust in their sacred Constitution – when they discover that the US dollar is not a product of the American government. That’s right, fellow consumers, that crumpled wad of dollars in your pocket is the product of the U.S. Federal Reserve, and despite the very official title, is about as “federal” as Federal Express. The reality is that the U.S. Federal Reserve is a profit-making venture just like Wal-Mart, General Motors or McDonald’s.

It’s really too bad the American people didn’t recognize that nothing, not health care, not carbon emissions, not tax rates, not race relations, not gay rights — not any of the above — is fundamentally important as having a stable economy.  Because without that, everything is chaotic, unfunded, unenforceable, irrelevant.  And it’s too bad that almost no voters realized the great cancer in our economy; the tumor from which all other tumors arise, is the Federal Reserve.  Had they realized this, they would have voted for the one Presidential candidate who ever bothered to talk about the Federal Reserve: Ron Paul.

But they didn’t.  Some voted for a continuation of a military empire.  Some voted for the hopeychange.  Hopeychange and military empires both rest on the soundness of economy for implementation, and therefore both are doomed.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending upon your stance, the fall — at least in this country — may be mercifully sudden.  It seems Congress is doing everything possible to throw all the money we don’t even have at all the things that will do nothing to help us.  Case in point: billions in foreign aid, billions in loans to the corrupt IMF, and more.  Once again the voice of reason is drowned out by the voices of special interest, the voices of goodwill, the voices of the ambitious, the voices of denial.  You’ve failed three times in a row, Freddy Mac?  Hell, here’s some more billions.  To the American citizens: screw you.  Get back to work.

Long ago, we’ve traded what works for what “sounds nice.”  Imagine if a colony of ants.  There are fundamental injustices in the ant colony: the workers (all female) are overburdened.  The drones (all male) are parasites who offer almost nothing, but eat great amounts of food.  The queen is an unelected dictator.  However, if you try to correct all those imbalances by forsaking the daily drive to collect food, come winter, every single ant in that colony will be dead. 

Hope and goodwill are not enough.  Perhaps this winter will be enough to convince us.

Today’s article of doom: Well, it’s a chart really.  When Obama says 10% unemployment, he really means 20%.  Why?  Because you’re only unemployed if you receive unemployment benefits.  If your benefits run out and you still don’t have a job, you’re not unemployed.  You’re a “discouraged worker,” a.k.a. deadbeat.  If you’re fresh out of school and you can’t find a job, you’re not unemployed, because you were never employed before.  If you work only 10 hours a week, you’re also not unemployed.  Hell, if you work on commission, and make 10% of what you used to, you’re still not unemployed.  Nor are  you unemployed if you don’t make money but are in prison, are disabled, etc.  Not to mention the figure is adjusted for birth and death rates artificially in the favor of lower unemployment figures.

So again, the real rate of people who can’t support themselves is 20%:



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The Average College Degree Costs Roughly $1 Million?!

July 1, 2009 at 7:28 pm (Education)

In the spirit of twisting the knife which is the central theme of this blog, allow me to display exhibit A, which shows how the average person is getting screwed over in new and unrealized ways. Think getting a college degree is a good financial decision? The odds are against you:

This is, of course, not how the system should be. This is a never-ending version of indentured servitude. And let’s not forget that student debt is one of the very few types of debt out there a person cannot discharge through bankruptcy; the others being taxes owed to the IRS and child support.  At the long end of one’s life given the average numbers above, the person without the degree has roughly three times the assets as the higher-earning college graduate.  But hey, college isn’t about the ability to make money, right?  It’s about the life experience.  The $1 million life experience.  That is, the life experience that costs $1 million in lost wages and accrual.  And it’s worth every penny, right?  Right?

Does this little chart seem preposterous?  Well, check out the details.  Dare I say the current educational model is unsustainable?  The last time we had something so ridiculously expensive with such easy financing for something so basic to a functioning society was… the housing bubble.  Hm. 

Today’s article of doom:  State governments all over the country on the edge of the abyss.

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