Where Is The Reckoning?

April 24, 2009 at 8:58 pm (Banking Crisis)

We live in Limbo Land.  Everything in the news is the same, day after day, so we wonder: have we hit the bottom?  Are things really that bad?  Things are still the same in Pakistan.  And Iraq.   And Gaza.  Europe still fears summer riots.  The US government is still giving money to GM.  Unemployment continues to climb.  And mortgage defaults keep increasing:


But the world hasn’t ended yet.  The four horsemen haven’t shown up to the party.  In fact, no one has heard hide nor hair of them for as long as most people remember.  Rumor has it they never existed.  Malls are still open with their flat, tinkling music.  Restaurants are still steaming.  Gridlock is ever-present.  What’s the deal?  If a person didn’t read the news, they could easily not know anything has changed in the last year.  Does this mean we’re able to absorb so much more instability than we ever expected?  Was Cheney right when he said “deficits don’t matter?”

No, I think people like John Michael Greer have it right when they talk about “The Long Descent.”  It’s not going to be abrupt, and civilization won’t disappear overnight.  But things will decline steadily, and things won’t return to the way they were before.  We’re so used to instant gratification, we don’t even like to wait for our apocalypses.  It’s been six months and I haven’t had a single blackout — Armageddon is boring!

I’ll admit, I would like things to happen sooner rather than later, mostly so we don’t end up pushing off our problems to our children’s generation.  I would rather face the consequences head-on.  Pushing them off in order to compound them later is what we’ve been doing for decades.   But there is plenty of time for disaster.  In the meantime, there are still a lot of things even the most paranoid person hasn’t done yet to prepare.  This summer should be a particularly nice season for gardening.  Time to kill the useless lawn?  This cycle will last a long while, so we might as well enjoy the beginning of it as well as the end.

Today’s article of doom: if you live in Contra Costa County, sleep soundly knowing due to budget cuts, burglaries, assaults, and thefts will no longer be prosecuted.


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