$700 Billion? Try $4.2 Trillion For Bailouts

November 18, 2008 at 12:24 am (Banking Crisis)

And you thought $700 was a disgusting, astronomical figure.  But it’s deceptive.  The actual cost of the bailouts so far is over $4 trillion.  This is mafia at its finest.  These banks are just sitting on the cash too; not lending a dime, which is what the whole bailout, crammed down cowardly Congress’s throats (against the will of the vast majority) was supposed to accomplish.  Everyone wants a piece of the pie.  Savings and Loans, credit card companies; even GE wants to be considered bank holding companies so they can tap that a… I mean cash.  Heck, even some mayors feel entitled.

Today’s articles of doom: well, at least illegal immigrants who happen to be violent rapists are deported… not.  Good thing this school district actively used fraud to issue other peoples’ social security numbers to grounds workers because they were too cheap to pay legal workers.


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