Gearing Up

July 21, 2008 at 5:17 pm (Individualism)

Rather than continuously rant about the inevitable crash, I’ve decided to approach it in a more practical manner, so I’ve been perusing sites like this and this and this.  I spent the weekend gathering things from garage sales and craigslist at a huge discount, stocking up on useful tools that will become invaluable as time goes on.

At one garage sale, where I found a nice welding helmet for $3, I noticed that all the people rummaging through the goods skipped the tools, skipped the non-electric appliances, and skipped the glass jars.  Instead, they all huddled through the DVDs, VHS tapes, and video games.  What a difference a year will make.  Contrast that behavior to what will occur next summer when people realize they may have to radically re-think their existence. 

Ironically, at this crux which will re-define what it means to live in the 21st century — this period which will occupy an entire chapter in the high school textbooks of World History like the Great Depression does — we hear only quibbling among the mainstream media whether the growth is 1% or 1.2% here in the United States.  Completely irrelevant numbers that mean nothing in the larger context of what’s occurring, and the last to know are generally those who are most greatly invested in the system — the same system that brought you “Iraq has WMDs!”

Rather than tell the truth that the dollar is plummeting, inflation is spiraling out of control and is 3 to 6 times the official numbers, our national debt is beyond the point of no return, our manufacturing base is gone, and we are doing a balancing act upon a knife’s edge to not go bankrupt as a nation, taking out half of Europe with us, the powers that be are convinced that the best approach is to convince people everything is okay, and the hypnotic suggestion will somehow turn into self-fulfilling prophecy.

But, if you look hard enough, you hear something completely different.  You hear it loudly.  And it’s scary.  There is a lot you can do, however.  Dig up some vegetable beds.  Use the clothesline.  Mend things when they break instead of throwing them away.  Learn to can.  Build the confidence you’ll need to survive in a world where the illusion of safety is no longer there, and real threats to security, rather than phantom terrorists, are around every corner.

Today’s article of doom: Gas prices could rise by 70%.


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