War on Iran Really Coming Soon?

June 6, 2008 at 5:29 pm (War)

This article from Iran, this article from Pakistan, this article from China, and this Lebanese article picked up the the LA Times all ran several days ago.  They spoke of an impending attack on Iran that seemed to be more than just speculation.  The US media hasn’t mentioned a thing (unless you count Rush Limbaugh’s claim of insider knowledge that an attack was imminent).

Let’s forget the fact that there are hugely differing opinions on Iran’s nuclear program.  Let’s also forget that Israel itself has nuclear weapons, and arguably acts towards its neighbors in a manner we accuse the worst people in Iran of acting.  Let’s forget that a minority of people in both the US and Israel support use of force against Iran.  Finally, let’s forget we’d be going to war based upon the same flimsy premises as we did on Iraq.  Forget the massive innocent civilian casualties that would result. There is one simple reason going to war against Iran is stupid.

We can’t afford it.

We can’t afford our other two wars.  We can’t afford our Medicare and Social Security commitments, even when their costs are reduced by our deceitful inflation calculations.  We can’t afford to take care of our own vets.  Our unemployment, even by our tweaked figures, is skyrocketing.  Housing prices are plummeting.  Food and fuel are skyrocketing.  We’re going broke.

Going to war against Iran would be more than bad policy; it would be the straw the broke the camel’s back.  Are these “leaders” completely insane?

Today’s article of doom: Oil at $139 per barrel.


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