Big Brother is Definitely Here

April 3, 2008 at 11:53 pm (Big Brother)

We’ve all heard that the US government is spying on all of us, and most of us aren’t reassured by the President’s remarks that it’s only on communications with someone outside the country who is a member of Al Qaida.  But, of course, we civilians really have no idea to what extent the government is gathering information on those of us who don’t communicate with people in foreign countries who are suspected of being suspicious persons.  I’ve seen several interesting articles the past few days, however, that reinforce the ominous feeling that Big Brother is watching far, far more than we’ve been led to believe. 

The ACLU alleges here that the FBI is skirting the law in multiple ways to spy on people here in the US.  Also, the ACLU recently obtained a memo from the Department of Justice from 2001 saying the fourth amendment no longer applied when the President said so.  Finally, intelligence agencies across the country have access to pretty much all of your data anytime they ask for it.  It’s nothing most people haven’t suspected, but reading it spelled out so clearly and completely just gives me the shivers — as if the Bill of Rights only applies in trouble-free times.

Today’s article of doom: lots of food riots around the world.


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