Economic Crash has a Bright Side

March 14, 2008 at 4:17 pm (Individualism)

I read a great article yesterday.  A paranoiac’s article; someone even more doom-mongering than myself.  And an article that will likely prove to me mostly true.  However, all is not bleak with the impending depression.  There will be a lot of great things that come out of it.

Many will give up cars entirely, moving to small towns or, villages growing gardens and walking to all needs. Bikes, walking, motorcycles, and horses become the newer method of transportation for many. Several will grow to like it as health-exercise improves and stress melts away. Lower expectations shall serve many well. Those unable to adjust or, change jump-off buildings, go nuts or, cope badly.

Will there be a total departure from our modern way of life. No, but societies including America will see changes. Energy conservation becomes a religion and wastefulness of all kinds shall disappear. Smart people see these things coming and shall quietly and unobtrusively prepare. Low key is best while flash, dash and rah-rah materialism turns passé.

Here’s the complete article.  An economic collapse might be just what the doctor ordered.  We’ll become more capable and independent as we trade entertainment for knowledge and junk for goods.  We’ll become better resource stewards as waste shrinks dramatically.  We’ll probably become more in tune with our local community as we realize the government doesn’t have the ability to look out for us.  On the whole, it’ll be the greatest “reality show” to date.

Today’s article of doom: watching the dollar die.


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